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Tom Harkin - too hot for the Des Moines Register and the Indianola Record Herald to print, no response from Harkin!

The following letter-to-the-editor was submitted to both newspapers weeks ago, but they wont print it:

At the February 25, 2010 bipartisan meeting on healthcare reform in Washington DC, Senator Tom Harkin stated


I sold insurance. I was an insurance agent when I was a young man. And there's one principle of insurance I learned then that I've never forgot -- the more people in the pool, the cheaper it is for everybody.


I went to the biographical section of his Senate website, but there was no mention among the jobs listed of having sold insurance.


I subsequently wrote to the Iowa Commissioner of Insurance. I was advised in writing that insurance agents in Iowa have been required to be licensed since 1924, and there was no record of Senator Harkin having been a licensed agent in Iowa.


On March 25th I contacted Michele Hall, one of his staffers. She said she would ask the Senator about having sold insurance and get back with me. Not having heard back from her, on April 5th I spoke with a staffer named Caitlin, who said she would e-mail Michelle about my query. Still no reply.


So perhaps the Senator can clear it up. Senator Harkin, when, where, and for whom did you sell insurance, and were you licensed?


Stephen M. Kirby