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Sorenson's Straight Talk for January 29, 2010

Sorenson's Straight Talk

January 29, 2010

Iowa's $1.1 Billion Spending Gap

Governor Culver has increased Iowa's annual budget by $1 billion during the first three years of his term, and now we are going into fiscal year 2011 with a $1.1 billion spending gap. This is not a coincidence; it is gross mismanagement of our tax dollars. How much is a billion dollars, you say? Here's how I picture it: You would have to spend $38,052 every single hour of the three years Culver's been Governor to spend an extra billion dollars. That's over $913,000 in additional spending every single day!

Government Reorganization Savings Inflated in Governor's Budget:

Governor Culver included $341 million in Government Reorganization Savings for the FY2011 Budget. However, the Fiscal Impact Statement released on January 20 by the Legislative Services Division predicts only $29 million in savings for FY2011. This overinflated tally includes a shift of $50 million in State Patrol Costs to the Road Fund. Folks, shifting expenditures from one fund to another is not a savings to the taxpayers of Iowa.

I am all for shrinking Government if that is what we are truly doing, but I am not going to allow someone to use smoke and mirrors tactics to shift things around and call it something it is not. As I watch this unfold I am going to be honest to my constituents. Last year we offered over $300 million in cost saving ideas in amendments during floor debates and not one was accepted. Instead, the majority party choose to keep buying bug shields, leather seats, and Bose stereos for state cars, rather than being thrifty with Iowans tax dollars.

House Republicans are working to find real solutions to our state budget crisis, and I look forward to receiving your input as we continue this complicated process.


Representative Kent Sorenson


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