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Republicans dominate Warren County 2010 Election Results

Warren County Republicans should feel quite pleased with themselves after this past November 2nd general election, successfully voting into office the majority of Republican candidates running on this year’s ballot. According to the unofficial election results from the Warren County Auditor’s Office, eight out of 11 Republicans seeking state offices had won, including Kent Sorenson, state Senate District 37, Julian Garrett, state House District 73, and Glen Massie, state House District 74, as well as all five local Republican candidates running for county seats. Of those five, Dean Yordi, supervisor, Steve Wilson, supervisor and John Criswell, attorney, beat incumbent Democrats!


The most noteworthy event of this election was a near-mandate win by Kent Sorenson, who beat incumbent State Senator Staci Appel in her first re-election bid to Iowa Senate District 37. Appel, an incumbent Democrat, lost her bid for re-election by a resounding 5,095 votes. In just Warren County alone, Sorenson beat Appel by a whopping 2,439 votes. More information regarding this resounding defeat may be found at Staci Appel dot com.