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The Chairman's Report for February 5 2010




The Chairman's Report - February 5, 2010

Matt Strawn, Chairman

The Republican Party of Iowa

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Des Moines, Iowa 50309
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Creating a Favorable Climate for Job Creation Takes Back Seat in Des Moines


This week sent a clear signal to Iowans that creating a favorable climate for job growth is not a priority for either Governor Culver or the majority Democrats who control the statehouse agenda.  From Project Labor Agreements to gutting right-to-work, majority Democrats continue to erect barriers for small businesses and job creators in Iowa.


This Wednesday, Governor Culver signed an executive order forcing state departments to consider signing Public Labor Agreements. These PLAs, as they’re called, are deals about pay and benefits between unions and contractors. The reality is that PLAs discourage competition from non-union contractors, thereby driving up costs for taxpayers. Open competition is fair to both union and non-union workers, providing taxpayers with safe, on-time and low-cost construction.


In addition to discouraging non-union contractors from going after large state projects, majority Democrats are trying to erode Iowa’s right-to-work status. Right-to-work means that you cannot be forced to join or pay any fees to a labor union. Iowa’s law has been in place since 1947. But yesterday, Democrats assigned a bill that will force public employees who are non-union to pay a fee to the union as a condition of their employment. This erodes the very intention of right-to-work.


I share the sentiments of House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen (R-Hiawatha), who said, “It is simply wrong to tell someone they must give their hard-earned dollars to an organization they have chosen not to be a member of. A union is not forced to represent non-members.  They choose forced monopoly bargaining and now they want to force payment for providing those unwanted services.”


Instead of stripping away rights of employees and discouraging open competition, majority Democrats should be focused on incentivizing job growth, not making it more difficult to do business in Iowa.


Update: Iowa Democrats Approve Adding $6,000 to Your Debt


Democrats in the U.S. House voted Thursday to put another $1.9 trillion on the taxpayers’ credit card, which amounts to $6,000 more for every U.S. resident. Bruce Braley, Dave Loebsack and Leonard Boswell all voted in favor of more spending. Thank you to Republicans Tom Latham and Steve King, who like Senator Grassley last week, voted against adding more debt to Iowa taxpayers.


Speaking of Congressional Braley, here is a great clip from a recent Fox Business segment that calls out Braley for his lockstep support of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s liberal agenda.



Please Check the Box Before You File


As Democrats at the federal and state level continue to drive up debt on your behalf, please consider donating $1.50 to help the Republican Party of Iowa return principled and competent leadership to Iowa.


You and your spouse can each mark the political check-off to the Republican Party of Iowa on your tax return. It does not increase the amount of tax you owe or decrease your refund. Every $1.50 donation will help us take our state back next November.


Congressman Price


GOP Congressional Leader to Headline NW Iowa Events


If you live in Northwest Iowa, I hope you’ll be able to meet Georgia Congressman Tom Price later this month. Congressman Price is a leading voice among national conservatives and advocate for patient-centered health care reform. He is scheduled to headline events for Iowa Republicans in Sioux City and Sioux Center on Monday, February 22.


Iowans will be able to relate to Congressman Price. He knows that government interference doesn’t always make something better. And he’s putting forth principled solutions for issues that Iowans care about, like health care.


Price has been an outspoken advocate for patient-centered health care reform in Congress. His signature legislation, the Empowering Patients First Act, would bring about positive changes to provide access for all Americans to affordable, quality health care. He was also elected by his colleagues to serve as Chairman of the House Republican Study Committee (RSC) during the 111th Congress. The RSC is committed to providing principled, common sense solutions to all of our nation’s challenges.


I’m pleased to have Price’s assistance in rallying local Republicans as they prepare for very competitive local legislative races. The Siouxland region is a critical battleground for Iowa Republicans as we prepare to recapture a legislative majority. These events represent the kick-off of those efforts.


The Sioux Center breakfast with Price will be February 22 at 7:30 a.m. at the All Seasons Center, 770 7th Street.  Featured guests include legislators Sen. Randy Feenstra (Hull), Rep. Dwayne Alons (Hull), Rep. Royd Chambers (Sheldon), and Rep. Chuck Soderberg (Le Mars).


The Sioux City luncheon with Price will be February 22 at Noon at the Long Lines Family Rec Center, 401 Gordon Drive. Featured guests include legislators Sen. Ron Wieck (Sioux City) and Reps. Dan Huseman (Aurelia) and Jason Schultz (Schleswig). The luncheon will also feature three of the Iowa GOP’s top legislative recruits, Ron Jorgensen, who is seeking to succeed Rep. Chris Rants; Rick Bertrand, who is challenging Democrat Rep. Roger Wendt; and Jeremy Taylor, who is seeking the open seat of retiring Democrat Rep. Wes Whitead.


Tickets for both the Sioux Center breakfast and Sioux City lunch with Congressman Price are $50 each and can be reserved by calling 712-273-5745.



Grassroots Activists of the Week: Debbie Larson and the Ringgold Co. Republicans


Debbie Larson and the rest of the Ringgold Co. Republican leaders are making a huge effort to get more Republicans involved in local politics. Due to their efforts, a significant increase in precinct caucus participation occurred throughout the county. Ringgold County is a great example of how a group of local Iowans are enthusiastically making a difference as we prepare for the 2010 elections. Thank you and keep up the good work!


Upcoming Events


Feb. 5 – Monona Co. February Meeting


Feb. 8 – Scott Co. Republican Women


Feb. 8 – Dubuque Co. GOP Meeting


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