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The Chairman's Report for February 12 2010



The Chairman's Report - February 12, 2010

Matt Strawn, Chairman

The Republican Party of Iowa

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State Auditor Vaudt reports that Governor Culver’s budget violates Iowa law


Wednesday, State Auditor David Vaudt, the taxpayers’ watchdog, reported that Governor Culver’s budget proposal is not only inaccurate, but apparently illegal.


To watch a local news report on Auditor Vaudt’s findings, click the image below. Or you can read the report here.




The inability of the Culver administration to competently manage Iowa’s finances is astounding. Not only did Governor Culver propose one of the largest budgets in Iowa history last month, but now we learn that even using his rosiest of budget scenarios, his budget violates Iowa law.


The failed leadership of Chet Culver will be felt by Iowa’s working families. From shortchanging school districts and the inevitable property tax hikes that follow to failing to meet this state’s obligations to its workforce, our Governor’s inability to manage our budget has consequences for all Iowans.


Our governor keeps telling us that he’s fighting for Iowa’s families. Perhaps his time would be better spent fighting his urge to keep spending.


House Republicans Offer Solutions to Save Students Money


Republican Representatives Royd Chambers (R-Sheldon), Annette Sweeney (R-Alden), Jeff Kaufmann (R-Wilton) and Pat Grassley have offered a proposal to help keep college costs down for students at Iowa’s regent universities.


The bill outlines five ideas which Republicans think will help improve and streamline the Regents.  The legislation:


--Limits any tuition increase to Higher Education Price Index (HEPI)


--Creates a Cost-Savings Task Force chaired by the State Auditor


--Mandates Public Hearings before any tuition increase


--Asks each university president to compose a comprehensive plan with benchmarks to decrease tuition, decrease administration costs and increase graduation rates


--Creates an analysis of professor teaching time


“Tough budget times call for all Iowans to tighten their belts and the Regents are no different.  We must stop pushing the pain on down the line to Iowa college students and their families,” said Rep. Annette Sweeney.  “It’s time to make some comprehensive changes and bring true reform to state government, and this is just one way we can do that.”


Republicans are hoping for bipartisan support for all or part of their proposal.


Funnel Week Leaves Missed Opportunities Behind


This was funnel week in the legislature, meaning anything that didn’t get out of committee is essentially dead for the year. Senate Republicans offered up numerous bills aimed at promoting job creation, helping property taxpayers and cutting spending, but those bills have been left behind. To learn more about the ideas dismissed by majority Democrats, click here.


Donating is Easy – Just Check the Box!


As we fulfill our pledge to return principled and competent leadership to Iowa, please consider pledging $1.50 to the Republican Party.


You and your spouse can each mark the political check-off to the Republican Party of Iowa on your tax return. It does not increase the amount of tax you owe or decrease your refund. Every $1.50 donation will help us take our state back next November.



Congressman Price


GOP Congressional Leader Traveling to Sioux City, Sioux Center


In just over a week, Congressman Tom Price will be coming to Northwest Iowa. The Georgia congressman is a leading conservative voice and as a doctor, he advocates for patient-centered health care reform. He’s coming to Sioux City and Sioux Center on Monday, February 22, to rally for local Republicans competing in some tough legislative races.


The Sioux Center breakfast with Price will be February 22 at 7:30 a.m. at the All Seasons Center, 770 7th Street.  Featured guests include legislators Sen. Randy Feenstra (Hull), Rep. Dwayne Alons (Hull), Rep. Royd Chambers (Sheldon), and Rep. Chuck Soderberg (Le Mars).


The Sioux City luncheon with Price will be February 22 at Noon at the Long Lines Family Rec Center, 401 Gordon Drive. Featured guests include legislators Sen. Ron Wieck (Sioux City) and Reps. Dan Huseman (Aurelia) and Jason Schultz (Schleswig). The luncheon will also feature three of the Iowa GOP’s top legislative recruits, Ron Jorgensen, who is seeking to succeed Rep. Chris Rants; Rick Bertrand, who is challenging Democrat Rep. Roger Wendt; and Jeremy Taylor, who is seeking the open seat of retiring Democrat Rep. Wes Whitead.


Tickets for both the Sioux Center breakfast and Sioux City lunch with Congressman Price are $50 each and can be reserved by calling 712-273-5745.

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Feb. 15 – Pottawattamie Co. GOP Meeting


Feb. 18 – Hamilton Co. GOP Meeting


Feb. 18 – Appanoose Co. GOP Meeting



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