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Attention Liberty Activists

February 15, 2010

Attention Liberty Activists,

Iowa’s Right to Work law means no worker can (or will) be forced to pay dues or fees in order to keep or retain employment.

What does this mean to you and me?  Two things:

1.) Protection of your right to free association – you should not be forced to belong to any private organization that you don’t support.

2.) Economic Growth – Half of the companies that produce jobs in America will not consider expanding into a non-Right to Work state.

Iowa’s Right to Work law protects all of us from forced unionism, and it is under serious attack right now.  If these radicals succeed in this scheme, your freedom from forced unionism will be lost.

There will be a town hall meeting on this subject Wednesday (February 17) at the State Capitol at 5PM.

Come to the town hall hearing! Oppose this power grab! If you think you want to address the hearing, please call 515.281.5129 to be placed on the list of speakers.  But even if you don’t feel comfortable making public comments, your attendance is still necessary.

If the only people that show up at this hearing are the union militants, then we risk sending the signal that no one cares about being forced into union membership – and you and I both know that isn’t the case.

Never in the history of this nation has any state repealed its Right to Work protections, but never has any state faced opposition like the out of control, big government politicians of Iowa are mounting.

I hope you can attend the public hearing on Right to Work THIS Wednesday at 5PM in the State House Chamber.


Drew Ivers

Campaign for Liberty