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national debt

The Republican Party, like our nation's founders, believes that government must be limited so that it never becomes powerful enough to infringe upon the rights of individuals.

Congratulations Rebel Snodgrass

Congratulations Rebel Snodgrass
Our new County Chair!

Exciting updates will appear on this website very soon.


regarding the debt clock at the bottom of this website

As most Republicans are aware (and as most Democrats will deny [click here]) our President, Donald J. Trump, has managed to actually reverse the national debt, during his first months in office.  As a result, the debt clock at the bottom of this website is wrong — instead, it is currently expressing the debt we would have seen, if Trump had not been elected.  To see the actual (accurate and current) national debt, visit which at the time of this writing, shows the national debt to be $19,858,474,043,110 while the clock I built below, show the national debt to be $19,875,094,727,217 (a difference of $16,620,684,107 — which represents the reduction in the debt {savings} attributable to President Trump).  Since this reversal is unprecedented in U. S. history and since I don't want to keep modifying the algorithm manually all the time, to accurately reflect the awesome accomplishments of our new President, for now I will leave the programming as-is.  If you wish to see the actual debt accurately represented, visit this URL to see the most accurate current figure.  I suspect I will be able to correct the clock below, around the time Trump submits his budget and has finished with his governmental contract renegotiations (which are largely responsible for this debt reduction).  When our debt economy becomes more stable and predictable, that's when I'll make the permanent changes to the debt clock algorithm below.

Update: The debt clock on this website uses data derived from the OMB (Office of Management and Budget) which as of Apr 18 has yet to be updated and made available to the public, under President Trump.

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