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Trump Has Big Lead in Iowa

Trump Leads Iowa with 30.9% Support. Walker in Second at 15.4%

Washington, D.C., July 31, 2015 – One America News Network, “OAN”, a credible source for 24/7 national and international news, released today its most recent 2016 Republican and Democratic Presidential Polling Results for Iowa conducted by Gravis Marketing.   The poll results show that GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump has a commanding lead with 30.9% support among Republicans.   Presidential Candidate Scott Walker comes in second with 15.4%.  In third is Jeb Bush with 10.0% followed by Bobby Jindal at 7.2%.   Mike Huckabee rounds out the top five with 6.0%.


Poll: Trump maintains strong lead in GOP race

Added on 6:14 AM ET, Thu July 30, 2015

A new poll from Quinnipiac University finds Donald Trump with a significant lead over his closest rivals for the Republican nomination for president.

I truly enjoyed watching Dana Bash stutter, trying to get out the words, admitting that Donald Trump is, poll after poll, still significantly in the lead.  I also enjoyed watching these liberal talking heads spend the remainder of the video, repeating the phrase “Donald Trump LOSES” — apparently suggesting that establishment Republicans and Independent voters alike, would actually vote for Bernie Sanders in a general election, rather than vote for Donald Trump, the candidate who is currently the front runner.  That is obviously ridiculous and a clear indicator of the desperation that they must be experiencing.  What I see is this:  Republican voters are spiritually tired of simply coronating establishment candidates every four years that nobody wants, often feeling in the general election, as though they are left voting for the lesser of two evils.  Donald Trump is at least something different, something brash, something new and refreshing, someone that we as Republican voters have not seen in a Republican Presidential candidate, since Teddy Roosevelt (and that's going back a very long time).  Unlike all the other candidates, we know what Trump really thinks.  The pundits suggest that he is tapping into the Republican voter's anger and frustration — that he's saying what we really think, but dare not say.  Trump tells us what we want to hear and he gives it to us hard.  Trump, like Teddy, is a verbal bully who mocks his victims, then walks away with the girl.  America loves this, because deep down inside, Americans love a winner and can't stand an apologetic loser.  While all the other candidates apologize for their wealth — Trump brags about his, boasting that he's even richer than all of them combined!  Donald Trump is a proven, successful businessman, who may finally be, the “Change We Can ALL Believe In”.

With a sense of fairness and full disclosure...

In case you were wondering why Rick Perry is showing so strong in Iowa, it's because of things like this:

Coreen must have searched for Warren County Texas, and because we show up as number ONE on Google, she mistook this website for their website. 

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Just for fun, I thought I'd open this poll up for public discussion. Why not? We Warren County Republicans have one of the finest central committee websites in Iowa, capable of practically any feature we desire (such as what you see here). You will note that unlike all the other online polls out there, here you are only allowed to vote once (but you can later change that vote, if you so desire) and you don't need to give your email address for verification. Those of us who know how to build websites properly, don't have any need for that, and besides – if you have more than one email address, you get more than one vote on all the other poll sites anyway. No system is 100% foolproof and I'm not saying what we have here is perfect, you can for example, use a proxy server or a hot spot to vote more than once, but overall, this anonymous polling gives us a fairly accurate idea of which candidate is favored, without invading your email privacy. So tell us your thoughts on these candidates, right here in a comment. Consider this to be a free-speech zone – but please keep it clean and on topic. Anything considered spammy, will be removed of course, but legitimate political opinions will NEVER be deleted. And as always, the comments and opinions expressed here are those of the individual contributors and are not necessarily representative of the Warren County Republican central committee.

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